RobinHood Youth Program

The RobinHood Youth Program is a non-profit organization started by Nation's Lab founder Carnation Contreras to help out those underserved youth in the city of Inglewood and surrounding neighborhoods of Hawthorne and Gardena. The program pairs individuals sponsors with individual students to create a mentorship between funder and fundie. Each sponsor is provided with monthly correspondence that includes updates on the progress of their sponsee within the RobinHood program as well as their educational progress. 

Growing up Inglewood, Coach Carnation started taking Taekwondo at the age of 5, eventually to go on to be a junior olympics bronze metal winner at 14 and MMA fighter at 18. Although his family provided him with encouragement, Coach Carnation recounts, "My parents were really supportive of me, but often to keep me in class, it was a struggle financially. My father owned and operated his own bakery and did his absolute best to provide for me and my sisters but martial arts can be expensive. If it hadn't been for specific individuals in my life, coaches, mentors or family friends, who stepped in to provide me with the resources when I didn't have them, whether it was something as simple as buying me equipment for a competition, or waiving fees for training as my coaches so often did, none of my successes would have been possible without their help."        


Featured RobinHood Youth: Deylin

Deylin's mother works in the same plaza where Nation's Lab is housed on the corner of Crenshaw Blvd and Rosecrans Ave in Hawthorne. Coach Carnation invited Deylin to take a week of Krav Maga Youth seminars for free as a neighborly way to reach out to fellow plaza renters. Deylin was immediately hooked and became one of Coach Carnation's best and attentive students and although Deylin's mother was thrilled, she didn't know if she could afford the monthly cost for her son to attend regularly. Coach Carnation was approached by Westcom Property Services who stepped in to sponsor Deylin for a six month membership. Now Deylin trains weekly and has become one of the top students in the Youth Krav Maga program as well as mentor to the younger students. 

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How to apply to the RobinHood Youth Program

To join the RobinHood Youth Program, an adult or guardian must apply on behalf of their child by emailing for an application. Additionally, to be eligible you will need to provide your child's most recent report card and while in enrolled in the RobinHood Youth Program students must maintain a 2.8 grade average and attend classes at Nation's Lab on average of two days per week to keep their sponsorship in good standing.  

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How to become a RobinHood Youth Sponsor

Please email us at to receive an email outlining all of our sponsorship levels. Upon receiving your sponsorship, a student from our list will become your sponsee!  Additionally your sponsorship will be featured on our RobinHood Youth Program page along with a monthly report on your RobinHood Youth's progress and a swag bag that will include a shirt, tote bag and gym towel!