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At Nation's Lab, we know children can only begin from where they are but we believe with the right guidance, any child can grow into the very best version of themselves no matter where they started. 

Serving the young people of Inglewood through our fitness education and self defense training, Junior Sabers promotes the building blocks to get a child to this best version. By promoting physical health through practical exercise, we also instill a greater sense of self-confidence through self defense training.  

The Junior Sabers core mission is to provide kids health and fitness through self defense but we merge the traditional martial arts and traditional Scout programs, Junior Saber teaches more than technique. We give kids the opportunity to learn about themselves through a merit based program that gives them the opportunity to earn badges based on their ability to follow the Junior Sabers Creed within their community. The Junior Sabers Creed teaches young people the importance of community, and that being tough is not without its responsibilities.  

In addition to self defense we emphasize hands-on approaches to building everyday skills, from nutrition to preparing them to handle conflict in calm and measured ways.  The Junior Saber’s program does not discriminate and welcomes all genders, ethnicities but must be within the age range of 5 to 12.  The Junior Sabers consists of four rankings: Explorers, Captains, Generals and Rangers.

Lastly, personal responsibility is a key component of the Junior Sabers Creed. We have seen our self defense program change the outlook not only of the young students but of the parents who see their young ones being more capable and engaged both at home and at school.